In the fixed assets module, derived books trigger the same transaction types as defined in the books setup - derived books.

However, the use of financial dimensions is rather incomplete:

In the fixed asset journal, the entered financial dimensions are not applied in the derived book postings. They remain just empty.

A preset financial dimension value in the journal name definition is not applied in the derived books.

An entered dimension value in the journal line is neither considered in the derived book entry.

In the Books tab of the fixed asset journal, the applied main accounts and financial dimensions are not visible (nor editable) at all.

The only possible workaround is to enter the financial dimension value in advance into the book-related master data. However, as far as the dimension values need to be changed (according to respective transaction) this is not manageable.

We should improve the financial dimension handling in the derived books accordingly and provide this kind of basic functionality.




Category: Fixed assets
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Glad to share with you the defined financial dimensions on the journal level or journal line are copied to derived books.



Mohamed Aamer

PM, Microsoft