When placing a video on a marketing email or email template using the designer there is no ability to re-size the video and it cannot be aligned to the center of its block. This is providing a poor experience for our users who have resorted to using images and setting the url of the image to link to a video instead.
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Thank you for your feedback!
This is a great suggestion! We feel there should be more community votes to have this idea implemented.

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Great suggestion, Paul. I'd also love to see a drag-and-drop video tool that allows us to:
-- manually upload a video thumbnail image from a hard drive.
-- resize a video thumbnail without having to use HTML.
-- automatically capture a video thumbnail image from a video's URL.
-- add, change, resize and adjust the transparency of video 'play' buttons on video thumbnail images.
-- align a video to the left, center or right of a marketing email.
-- add and adjust video borders and background colors.

Thanks for taking this request into consideration.

Category: Email