In certain scenarios the robots (via RPA) have to delete the value which has been put into a lookup field because of some automation steps.

Its hard to delete the lookup values which are already pre-filled due to the dynamics position of “cross” (X). This is because the only way to delete the selected lookup value is to “find” the cross (X) and click on it as hitting backspace to remove the value is not possible. RPA is using the visual component which uses an anchor point to count the pixels where the click has to be made. The distance between the anchor point and the “cross” is dynamic and depends on the length of lookup value.

So if Platform as OOTB capability can provides the provision (or configuration) to fix the position of "Cross" (X) in lookup fields value say the first position OR a button in every lookup field which did a “clear selection” would already help a lot.

Category: Platform