Currently every calendar for different locations or different calendars within the same site (different departments) have to be setup separately. It would be ideal to have a Master Base calendar which has standard working days - including holidays. The working times on this calendar do not have to reflect the working times elsewhere. In reality they often do not. An example could be: Corporate base calendar - standard days off -Location base calendar - has Corporate base calendar as its own base and have its own working hours -Department Calendar - has Location base calendar as its own base and have its own working hours. This would allow for generalized changes on the "Corporate base calendar" to filter down to other locations. Of course, each location could modify for their own needs. Additionally, at a plant, multiple "departments might have different working hours (one department works two shifts and another works 1 shift), but be on the same daily schedule. This would also simplify setting up calendars for longer term planning.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will wait for further feedback form the community, before adding to roadmap. 



Shivam Pandey

PM, Microsoft