The longer you use Dynamics for marketing, the more images and files you create within the system. With a lot of files it can take a long time to find pictures that you want to insert into an e-mail.

Dynamics offers a standard entity search for files (msdyncrm_file) when navigating to Files from the Main menu of the Marketing app. In the standard entity grid search you can look for "*logo*" and get a result of all images that contain "logo" in the filename.

However, when using the E-Mail Designer for adding an image from the Toolbox, the search popup lets you search only for keywords which are time consuming to add and can not be added during an instant upload within the popup.

For E-Mail designers it therefore is a pain when they want to upload a picture and find it later. Please add a standard search field in the "select file popup" that also lets you search for filenames to save time for e-mail designers.
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You may find more information here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave1/marketing/dynamics365-marketing/search-version-manage-tag-digital-assets-new-centralized-asset-librarydocumentation



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