Suggested Thu, 18 Jan 2018 22:56:14 GMT by Frank PaaskesenNew
Category: Master planning

We have recognized a GAP in the forecasting system for Companies using configured Products.

For certain product the number of configurations can be very high or unlimited. These products must therefore be forecasted on either a "planning item" with at BOM representing the different configurational outcomes or through an item allocation key which is composed of "typical configurations".

The problem is that if the product is sold in a new configuration which does not match the forecasted items exactly on configuration ID, the forecast will not be reduced.

My suggestion is to make a new parameter in Requirement Group called "Forecast reduction on product level":   Yes/No.

If this parameter is set, the forecast reduction will work on the forecasted item INDEPENDENT of the sold product configuration. The effect of this will be that the "planning item" forecasted quantity will be properly reduced by all sold configurations for the product.    

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  • Great idea, and should also use unit conversion for products where the variant is a diffents size / mass that the forecast unit, eg forecast on a 100 kg piece, but variants of forecast item is weighing not 100 kg

  • Great idea !

  • I agree

  • I agree