1. Cost allocation including secondary cost elements:
Cost element type “secondary” is used for allocation. Cost accountant wants to use created values on secondary cost element for additional allocations.
In current version the allocation base types do not include cost elements with type “secondary” or create Hierarchy allocation base including “secondary cost elements”.
Include “secondary cost elements” as additional allocation base in cost allocation policy.

2. Allocation based on cost object (without restriction to the cost elements)
Cost Behavior settings are currently only possible for cost elements. Extension for Cost objects would make the process of creating new allocations faster and more practicable (direct use of Cost Centers for Hierarchy allocation bases or Formula allocation bases possible)

3. New_ Allocation base – different percentage
It should be possible to create allocations based on different percentage.
Rules Cost Center 1 :
Rule1: 40 % of total amount - according to number of employees per cost center
Rule 2: 10% of total amount - 80% for Cost center 002 and 20 % for Cost center 005
Rule 3: 50% of total amount - - directly to costCenter 004

current situation:
Indirect Cost Centers (only for Cost accounting necessary) for the first steps of the allocation.
Rule 1:
Allocation by number of employees per Cost Center via Statistical measure provider templates (connection to HR module)
Selection of specific Cost Centers via Hierarchy allocation bases (one hierarchy allocation base for one Cost Center)
Assembly of the Hierarchy allocation bases via Formula allocation bases
Use of the creating formula allocation bases in the Cost allocation policies
Rule 2:
(Cost behavior policy is limited to options fixed or variable)
Upload of the percentages via System administration > data management needed
Rule 3:
No additional requirement needed -> allocation directly possible via Cost allocation policies

4. Analysis on "allocation voucher" is difficult to understand for report recipient
source and /or rules are missing.
Category: Cost Management