Background Technicians perform inspections where they gather data (Property Log), complete tasks (Service Task) and perform Pass/Fail tests (Inspection Question). Property Logs associated with the Asset capture deltas and trends and can be enhanced via IoT. Service Tasks acknowledge work done and time spent. Inspections Questions track pass/fails based on a setpoint or standard.


All steps need to be pre-populated on one form in the correct order the Technician checks them. The order of the steps will be determined by the process flow and could be a mix of Property Logs, Service Tasks and Inspections Questions.


Issue: The current Inspection form cannot dynamically display related Service Tasks and Property Logs, requiring technicians to change form factors during an inspection as well as requiring custom reporting to display inspection answers in a logical format.


Request: Enable Inspection designer at Incident Level.

  1. Inspection Developer determines what Service Tasks fields show on the Inspection by choosing a system form.
  2. Inspection Developer determines what Property Log fields show on the Inspection by choosing a system form.
  3. Inspection Developer drag and drop Incident Service Tasks and Incident Property Logs on Inspection designer. 

Category: Inspections