One of our Partners noticed that there is an inconsistency in the same Unit Price Template when creating a new Instance in the Configuration Template Header. (table 8619 - Config. Template Line)

SR: 119100725001544 with the Business Central Technical team was also opened for this.

English (US or UK) versions yield the correct Unit Price when creating the Configuration Template.

If we set some data to the field Default Value in the Config. Template Line, the data are stored in the format of the current region according to the Windows Region settings. If you e.g. Create a template for table 27 (Item), set up a Default Value "50000" for the field "Unit Price" with the English (United States) region setting, it is formatted and stored as "50,000".

When you close your BC client, set up a Czech region, start BC again and run the action Create Instance on the previously created template, a new Item with "Unit Price" = 50 is created. It is caused by the different usage of the comma in both region formats for digits.

Would it be possible to change the behavior of the Config. Template Line and maybe store (and apply) the data in some universal format?
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Thank you for this suggestion!
From your description a support case was already created for this. Therefore we will reject the idea. If the issue persists, please create a new support case.

Søren Alexandersen, Program Manager, Business Central, Localization



On Behalf of the Partner David Hrbek and Petr Pospíšil

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