In the POS you can sell items even when there is no stock. I understand this logic, when the customer is standing before you with the item, it means you have stock.

But maybe according to your system there is zero stock. Various reason are possible (forgot to book a TO, forgot to book PO....). Would be nice if the sales person would get a warning that something is wrong so they now to inform backoffice the stock is incorrect and that the reason need to be found. Now there is no warning at all and you will keep selling.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the product suggestion! We would love to provide this capability out of the box. However, we do not have a planned release timeline as of now and hence marking it as Declined (please read this as Postponed). - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce



Retail Realm has added local availability so you can see item available at the store without doing real time call to AX head office. This means that we can also put rules such as warn when selling out of stock item or Block sales on out of stock item. In certain environment this is mandatory such as watch and expensive electronics etc

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