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The current search functionality only attempts a 'contains' search on activity descriptions -
As a result, SQL Timeouts are common if the user searches the description field for a string.

It would be helpful if the application would allow fields to utilize a full-text index if available. - This could be automatic if the app could identify when an index is available and use it - or if needed, an option to configuration an attribute to 'Leverage existing full-text index' and then the DBA could create / manage the indexes that are appropriate for their environment.

Status Details

Good news! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 provides Full Text indexing for On Premise organizations. Enhanced search experience with improved query performance can be achieved using this new feature. Refer this link for more details https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn919650.aspx     


Srikumar Nair 

PM, Microsoft 




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  • Thank you guys for the feedback guys. We'll be considering this for our future roadmap.
  • and NOTES! Can't believe MS still doesn't allow us to search the contents of Notes fields. Is this technically impossible MS, or just something you actually haven't considered?
  • A global full-text search, which respects user access rights, for admin-marked columns is needed. Using Sahrepoint is not sufficicent, since it does not respect access rights !!
  • There would be added advantages of enabling CRM to use a Full-Text operator ("CONTAINS") instead of the current 'LIKE' operator when searching defined and indexed text fields (specifically large memo fields, like Activity Description).
    The CONTAINS operator would allow the criteria to support more complete search terms - such as "salary AND confidential" to return emails where both words were in the email description.

    Modifying the way CRM generates this condition maintains the security of the emails - (in contrast to external search services/indexes that don't consider the user's security profile when determining which emails to display in the results.)