Replacement order created for the returned sales order should consider the Delivery date control and Lead time , this replacement order is as same as new sales order , where the lead time is considered
repro below
1 Prerequisite: Delivery date control set to ATP or ATP and issue margin in AR parameters , lead time say 30 days 2 Create a new item with storage dim group with site, warehouse and location3 Set default site and warehouse to site 1 and warehouse 13 on default order settings4 Adjust on-hand to 105 Create a sales order with the new item, line quantity 10 and unit price 100 on customer US-004 , delivery date in the SO , updated today+30 days6 Post pickinglist, update pickinglist registration, post packing slip and invoice the sales order7 Create a return order for customer US-0048 Use function Find sales order, and select invoice created9 Click OK10 In the New group, select Replacement order11 In the Create sales order dialog, click OK12 On the sales order line created, open Line details > Delivery
( it will be updated as today only , and does not consider the Lead time ) 13 Check the delivery dates. Expected result is todays date+ATP time fence. Actual result todays date.14 Open simulate delivery dates15 First available date without warning is todays date + ATP time fence.
replacement order should consider the lead time for proper delivery planning. this Correction is required.
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