Wish there is an option to easily setup ledger main account for customer record creation for purpose to easily assign a new customer record marketing and value.

Example: We invested in marketing and research and studies for geographical location1: Grand total of $293,000

The expected return on the marketing and research is expected to turn 293K into 642K

Expected estimated finance cost for 12 years = 293,000 / 5 years =58,600 per year

Expected marketing value for 12 years - 642,000/5 years = 128,400 per year

We expect to acquire for this year about: 5,000 grand total for year - 58,600 /5,000 = 11.72

We expect the marketing value to be for 5,000 grand total customers 128,400/5000= 25.68



Data administration

Customer new record finance value: New records 5,000: 11.72 x 5,000= 58,600

Customer new record marketing value complementary: new records 5,000: 128,400

Grand total: 187,000

REMARK: Not featuring option to easily year allocate grand total case studies per record creation from module, user, might potentially feature accruals or a monthly basis, rather to be auto-posted at time of record creation for finance and marketing studies into each record created, removed, or potentially drafted, or inactive.

Needs Votes