To reduce the possibility of fraud and error in users recording same/duplicate expenses, on purpose or not. All our customers are looking for a way of preventing doublets to occur. It would be very helpful if some sort of validation is made standard, that when the same user submits an expense report, with a line the same category, on the same date (also interval for e.g. per diems), and with the same amount, and if a project, then also the same project, that a validation happens, and notifies the user.



Duplicate expense reporting is a global problem with 10% of expense entries containing some type of duplicate - most of them accidental. We have been asked for fraud and duplicate protection in several demos. All our competitors have this functionality. Beyond basic duplicate checking at time of expense entry, this might be an interesting area for Microsoft to apply some AI such as checking high-risk expense categories, identifying repeat offenders, checking overlap between corporate card vs. reimbursement and preventing multiple employees from claiming the same expense.

Category: Expense management