Between AX2012 and Dynamics 365, the currency logic has been changed and the reporting currency at some points has been impacted. To illustrate the impact, let us say that:
* CAD is the transaction currency
* EUR is the accounting currency
* USD is the reporting currency

Based on official documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/finance/general-ledger/dual-currency#posting-process), the reporting currency was previously calculated as follow:
* Transaction currency amount (CAD) > Accounting currency amount (EUR) > Reporting currency amount (EUR)
As the ECB provides easily and daily exchange rates between EUR and CAD/USD, *each day Dynamics was able to give an accurate rate between all the currencies.*

Here is the new calculation:
* First of all, Transaction currency amount (CAD) > Accounting currency amount (EUR)
* Secondly, Transaction currency amount (CAD) > Reporting currency amount (USD)
In this case, several negative points have to be noticed:
* Another exchange rate needs to be implemented, between USD and CAD in this case.
* As no direct exchange rate provider, as easy as the ECB one with EUR, is available for USD (for instance), it is common to enter manually (and monthly) exchange rates between USD here and other currencies.
* As a consequence, *Dynamics is not able to easily give a daily and accurate rate between transaction and reporting currencies* : manual entries or a specific development are possibilities, but the AX2012 logic was in this exemple directly relevant.

The proposal here is to make available as a setup in General Ledger and get the possibility to choose between the two exchange rate logics.
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This is a wonderful idea Alexandre, I'm very eager to use this new feature.

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