Suggested Wed, 28 Mar 2018 15:36:53 GMT by Emily HCompleted

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We need the software development kit (SDK) for Dynamics GP updated!

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Hi Emily,

Although we haven't updated the actual SDK, the information with the changes is published on the support blog.


Jodi Christiansen

PM, Microsoft

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  • Not Completed. Declined.
  • Jodi, The info you mention is incomplete. I wanted to give you specifics on what is missing, and just spent a lot of time on the support and services blog, trying to find the published changes so I could give you a list. But, guess what!? I cannot find any articles on that blog or anywhere else that I clicked for updates. Could you please provide the link?
    I am not certain this is being monitored at all, so will post this in forums as well. Although I'm not sure anyone is looking at those any more either.
    Thanks, Emily
  • Microsoft has not provided updates to the SDK over several releases and it is hindering upgrades of customizations and implementations, as well as new work.