The new feature https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2021wave2/finance-operations/dynamics365-finance/prevent-automatic-one-voucher-usage-fixed-assets

now prevents the ability to summarize depreciation journals when posting to the General ledger. Previously, journals would be summarized by account (Depreciation Expense) and financial dimension. This occurs despite setting the journal name to post in summary and/or the depreciation proposal to run in summary. In our example, we have 67,000+ fixed assets, so the depreciation proposal produces 67K+ lines to post to the ledger. Prior to this feature, we would have had ~20 lines.

Category: Fixed assets



Fully agree. The forced changes to one-voucher functionality are causing issues all over the place. I understand why the changes are being made but there are very valid scenarios where it is still required, and I really hope that Microsoft listens to their users as there is a LOT of feedback about this.

We are currently over-riding the changes by toggling the setting "Allow multiple transactions within one voucher" to Yes, but dread the day that it is removed. (General ledger > Ledger setup > General ledger parameters > Ledger).

Category: Fixed assets