Overall we really like Business Central. What I see missing is native and easy to use connectors to other popular apps and services that many people are using. To truly bring Business Central to the top of the ERP food chain, easy integration is a must. I know solutions exist, but they are priced well beyond what a connector should cost in this day and age. It's not rocket science, but the legacy model of expensive partner implementation and specialty connectors is out of date. Most SAAS solutions we use have instant, easy, and fairly priced connectors that work flawlessly. This is something I have yet to see with Business Central. The goal is to have everything connected and to remove the silos.

Shipstation is what we use for all our shipment management. We print labels directly from shipstation for our B2C orders (which get pushed from Shopify to Shipstation). We also do our B2B shipments through shipstation. Right now that requires a duplicate entry in Business Central and shipstation.

Other great connectors would be to shopify and sharp spring

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Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the reasons mentioned below.
Ivan Koletic
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we also like integration with ship station.

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Hi Paul
Thank you for taking the time to submit. We are working on supporting more integration possibilities though APIs. For Business Central (and cloud in general) SaaS integrations is for sure a priority. It also opens up the opportunity for partners to develop integrations. Theres already an extension for Shopify available in AppSource and theres ChargeLogic with a shipping solution.

An opportunity would be to build an extension for BC which connects to ShipStation APIs, eliminating the need for duplicate entry in the B2B scenario.

Through logic apps & flow, we have a Business Central Connector. Currently theres no ShipStation connector, so a custom connector could be made, with the ShipStation APIs needed, so ensure dataflow between Business Central and ShipStation.

Regarding SharpSpring, to me it seems like the integration for marketing automation, should be made against CRM or e-commerce systems?

Br, Henrik

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