Currently, a variable saved during a task recording passes from the baseout XML file into the next test cases basein XML file, so the handoff works in succession through each sequenced test case. It would be very beneficial to be able to create variables in a top level test suite that contains subfolder test suites that can be used in any test case in the subfolder test suites.

The most applicable example from our experience is creating items and batches to be used for adjusting in inventory, once adjusted in, known item/location/license plates for picking orders, etc. This seeding of inventory for use in many test cases would eliminate the need for each test suite to generate this data for the test cases.

These "Master Variables" could be specified to not only pass within the test suite, but also to the first test case in subfolder test suites. Since the first test cases passes it's variables down to subsequent test cases, this would always mean the master variables from the top level suite could be used in any test case in a subfolder suite.
Under Review