The item template only controls the Inventtable. this is unfortunate, especially since we lost the default order type that used to be in the inventtable.

We can only create purchased items with the template in 2012 or D365.

We think the template should be extended to the default site/ warehouse table and possible even to other tables like category table.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Instead of pursuing the approach of the Item template, we are reviewing the option to uptake the work that the Retail team has done in the Retail categories, that allows to set default values for released product attributes by category. The advantage of this approach is, that this approach is also usable when using data entities. In the latest version (Fall release) this also covers the default site and warehouse. So the recommendation for now would be using the Retail category as "product master category" and use the category defaulting capabilities.

Conrad Volkmann 




We can also benefit from the ability to save the Default Order Settings with the template. I hope this can be considered for future improvement.

Category: Product Information Management