Hi, customer needs provision to select required Organization Hierarchy in Retail Reports. Multiple Organization Hierarchy selection option is available for “Calculate Financial Statement in Batch”, customer needs similar feature in Retail Reports (Eg. Channel Summary Report). This would help them to run the reports by different hierarchies like Department, Region, Business Unit, etc.

Even though multiple Organization Hierarchies are set for "Retail Report" Hierarchy Purpose system would allow to select only one Hierarchy. If user wants to run the report by different Hierarchy then they have to retain the one which they wanted and remove all the other Hierarchies from the "Retail Reporting" Hierarchy Purpose to achieve this. This workaround is not feasible as there would be multiple users who would be running this reports on a regular basis and changing the setup time to time is difficult.

Business requirement demands for running this reports based on the hierarchy. Kindly consider this feature request and provide the solution.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!