Customer can't add more than ONE external code value for a single unit of measure. If they try to do this, the system throws below error.

Error message: “Cannot create a record in External code value (ExtCodeValueTable). The record already exists”.

The problem is that the add button exists and allows the user to add multiple values.

Customer wants this feature because they want to use the feature with Electronic Reporting.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia



Hello Syed, the functionality is already used in ER for Italy "Import Vendor Invoices", where italian vendor must send invoice through XML to SDI (Sistema Di Interscambio) from XML; this leads to a real problem when you purchase the same item from different vendors that use different unit of measure; actually D365 are not able to assign, due to an error, different vendor unit of measure for the same D365 item in external code tables.


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