We would like to see the Manage Roles button on the User records on the Unified Interface. Security Roles should be be able to be edited /updated from the model-driven app within Dynamics 365, not from PowerApps or the Unified Interface as is the case now. System admins should be able to manage roles for users using the button on user records.
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I miss this very much!

  • Old UI: via your mobile phone, you could give a user a role when you were on business travel or late night (since the guy needing the role is working from far away). It was slow, it was a struggle but it was possible. Maybe someone has just forgotten to give that user an important role and you don't want to tell him on his morning to wait for the next day since you are about going to bed.... ;-)
  • With the new UI: we are unable to give or remove a role real quick. And hopping via admin.microsoft.com to admin centre, select the environment, settings... on a mobile phone... no way!

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