Physical count of a Warehouse or Store

Step One: Scan the entire premises

Scan Bin location

Scan all items in the bin

This will give items and qty's for each Bin Location

Move to second scan bin Location, repeat above steps

Step Two:

Before applying the counts run report to show discrepancies in inventory across whole location

Must ignore items in non-inventory bins (e.g outgoing, to assemble, production etc.)

Produce report of high and low discrepancies - a mixture of high and low value goods.

Rescan discrepancies in all bin locations from first count.

Do discrepancy recount twice.

Step Three:

Register counts in their scanned bins with qty's

This should update the warehouse removing the need to do warehouse movements.

Post physical count:

Exception report for audit with comments. Justification for discrepancies high and low.

Losses - damage, mis-shipped, incorrect part number received. Not made to spec write-off.

Category: Inventory