Short Description: We would love to see Microsoft improve the experience of printing with D365.

Proposed Changes:
1. If possible, remove requirement to use DRA for printing altogether.
Rationale: If D365 can send documents to DRA to be converted to PDF and printed, why can't it send to the users browser to do the same? (Open Check/Report in a PDF in browser pop up, print, done.)

2. If we must keep DRA, remove requirement for Adobe Reader for printing using DRA.
Rationale: Why do you need to use Adobe Reader when Edge has native PDF reading abilities?

3. Allow DRA to connect to multiple environments.
Rationale: Why wouldn't you?

Problem Summary:
Currently, we need to have DRA and Adobe reader installed on the print server in order to print anything.
This seems simple enough until you realize the document routing agent also only supports connecting to one environment, and cannot have multiple instances running on the same system.

So imagine when we have Dev/Test environments that need to test printing related functions, like reports or checks....
The DRA complicates testing and adds additional overhead, as now we need additional systems where we install DRA, Adobe Reader and the printer/driver.
Additionally we need to make sure that these systems are using the same version and settings in the Adobe Reader and Printer Drivers.

Right now we have 4 different test environments that need to print...
So including production, we need 5 complete separate systems online dedicated to keeping the DRA running...
Category: User Experience
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Check the article that explains in great detail how DRA works, why checks are printed differently than other reports in D365FO, and how to avoid using Adobe Reader when printing them: https://ax.docentric.com/why-dra-uses-adobe-reader-to-print-checks-in-d365fo-and-how-to-avoid-it/

Category: User Experience