With our solutions based on business central we are able to deliver a modern erp to our our customers. One tool for tailoring the UI to our customers needs was role-based customization of the UI through profile configurations. Creating those profile configurations for the specific needs of our customers, in fact, is a big part of initial implementations of our solution.

Up to BC 14, profile configurations where shifted to the next version when performing upgrades, making it possible for us to offer light-weight and fast updates to customers.

With BC 2019 Wave II aka BC 15 profile configurations where deprecated and replaced by customizations which can be exported as extensions (cp. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2019wave2/dynamics365-business-central/customize-user-profile-without-writing-code).

While we are happy about the progress we see for the new tooling around customizations, we are missing a tool to easily migrate existing profile configurations to the "modern world".

Having a way to migrate profile configurations would enable us to deliver faster und cheaper migrations and we could achieve higher migration rates. That explicitly includes migrations OnPrem to current cloud implementations. So please consider to support migrations from profile configurations to modern customizations.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Mike Borg Cardona
Program Manager, Microsoft 



Hey Mike,
Do you have any update on the status? Long term roadmap does not sound very promissing. It has been already 3 version released since discontinuation of legacy profile configuration, and we still don't have tooling to migrate it.

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