yet another nasty surprise after the application of UR12 (don't do it!) - now we find that MS has arbitrarilly chosen to display the modified by and modified on for the notes section instead of what it previously was which was created by and created on.

this is a diversion from how every previous version of CRM has worked, and from how CRM 2011 has worked. This worked just fine prior to UR12, and nobody asked MS to change it without at LEAST giving users the CHOICE in controlling this, and leaving the default setting as it was. In fact in the past it used to display both the created and the modified info so I cant understand why anyone should ask for the created info to be removed.

If something works why did MS need to break it?!

Here is supporting documentation - MS obviously is not listening:

The CRM Team really dropped the ball once again with this update, I don't know what happened over there but maybe getting a new boss was the wrong direction for them to go.

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This is still not fixed in CRM2013. We raised with MS and they suggested we vote for this new ticket, which relates specifically to the issue in CRM2013 Online:

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This doesn't seem to be fixed in CRM 2013.

Also, there's a major flaw in the design of the notes control which is related to this issue and is noted over here - https://connect.microsoft.com/dynamicssuggestions/feedback/details/855289/modified-dates-of-notes-under-social-pane-of-records-are-changed-without-any-modification

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Good news:

Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 12:13 PM
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At this point developers are working to change the code for the notes control so that it should display both created/modified info on the Notes. This should modify the existing CRM data as well.

Q : Notes should include the created on and created by, modified on and Modified by as shown before UR12.

A: This is reported as an issue with CRM product after UR12 installation and the fix to this will be available with UR13 which should be released tentatively by the end of this month.

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