When using “Compose working times” it would be ideal to use a combination of the Working time template AND the Base calendar as using Base calendar ignores the Working time template and using only Working time template means you need to manually point your Open days to the Base calendar.
If I only want my store to be open on Fridays then I only want Friday to be pointing to the BASE calendar and all other days should be CLOSED. Choosing BASE & the correct Working time template should enable this.
Currently choosing both the Use Base Calendar AND Working time template gives me all of the open days per my Base calendar with no reference to the Working time template. I now need to manually Close all days that are closed in my template. The other alternative is not to use Base calendar and then I need to manually change all derived Open days to Base calendar. Can both rules be applied/overlaid - perhaps consider Working Time Template then overlay Base Calendar and make it clear in documentation that is how it will work?
Category: Common