Requirement for Non-Binary or change to of Not Specified label as more requests from HR Departments

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We’re pleased to announce the completion of this functionality in version 10.0.25. For more information, see Human Resources home page - Human Resources | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn . This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Based on conversations we're having with clients, the current options are too limited (especially considering various movements around gender and diversity inclusion). Agreed with Tom Elliott's comment, this needs to be more flexible for various locally acceptable options. Thank you!

Category: Personnel management

Geena Davis (award-winning actor and founder of the nonprofit Institute on Gender in Media) at the Microsoft Business Application Summit Diversity and Tech Luncheon on June 11th broadened her already well known campaign of 'if she can see it she can be it', to 'if we can see it we can be it'. Lets support this message by being truly inclusive to gender, race and ability rights.

Category: Personnel management

This field needs some attention please.
Need the option to edit the list of values, and also to localise this field (make it legal entity specific based on country) so that it can be made culturally sensitive.
Changing 'non-specific' to 'non binary' would only change the challenge, we need more flexibility please.

Category: Personnel management