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I would like to see the issue resolved as so clearly expressed by this other partner. We have had client requests for this:

Althea ADS on 2/22/2019 12:27:26 PM
Our customer just upgraded from GP15 to GP18R2 and has been on since GP8. Since the print/email functionality began, they have used this window and checked both boxes and GP would email those that could and only print sales docs that did not email. But since their GP18R2 upgrade, when they check both, it still emails the ones that can, but also prints ALL sales documents, even if they emailed. So they have to sort through and pull the ones that emailed so they don't mail them also. The whole idea of emailing was to save time and money from mailing them. Now they have to take time to sort out stacks of invoices and compare to their sent box in Outlook. And hopefully not also mail the invoice.

The option to suppress printing of documents sent via email should be added to the system to eliminate paper waste and eliminate requirements for manual user labor.
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Please review this documentation of the feature



This should be the behavior already.
GP 2018 R2 Help (Documentation) says
Print Sales Documents window
Sales >> Transactions >> Print Sales Documents
Use the Print Sales Documents window to print a range of sales documents. If you set up e-mail functionality for customers and sales documents, you can send a quote, order, fulfillment order, and invoice in e-mail. When you send sales documents to your customers in e-mail, you use the same options when printing a sales document. The print options that are available depend on the document you are printing or sending in e-mail. *******************
If you have marked to print and send sales documents in email at the same time, the documents that are set up to be sent in email will be sent in email while the documents that cannot be sent in email will be printed.

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