When you have a sales order with 2 or more lines, and a trade discount (amount, not percent), and the trade discount amount is more than 1 line, there is a quality issue where the trade discount is impacted and does not correctly transfer to an invoice.

Sales Order has 2 line items on it. Each line is worth $25.00. Sub total is $50.00 and there is a Trade Discount of $30.00. Assuming no tax or freight the order total is $20.00
When we fulfill the order we can only ship 1 of the 2 items. So we fulfill the 1st line and transfer the 1 line to an invoice. Since the trade discount is now greater than the 1 line (discount is $30 and the line is $25) GP lowers the discount to match the sub-total. For this 1 line this makes sense and so far no issue. However, when the 2nd line is fulfilled and transferred to an invoice, we get an error/warning in the output report saying "Totals for this document have been transferred once and cannot be transferred to invoice XXX...." So the $5.00 that should be transferred with this line to total the $30.00 discount (since the prior transfer lowered it to $25.00 to match the sub total) is lost and now the invoice is higher than what the customer initially thought and something needs to be done to correct this $5.00 mistake.

I have been able to duplicate this issue in GP2016 R2 and GP 2018 R2.

We hope for a solution for this.


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Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this functionality for a future release.  

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