CURRENT: When you create a new position, system automatically creates one position detail with FTE = 1 which is the default value, even if you haven't save the position. Then when you modify the actual FTE (e.g. 0.66) this will create another line in position details with the actual assigned value. (0.66) with different effective date.
User have already assigned the FTE on the position form and still they need to modify the FTE on the position details, too tedious, otherwise they still need to modify the effective date on the position details, also tedious.

FTE assigned in the Position form must match on what is on the position details since this is created automatically by the system. Effective date must be aligned to the assignment date.
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In D365HR, the default FTE for a new position is 1. When you change the FTE to another number, even when you create a new position, the system will set today date is the effective date of FTE, then it lead to the issue where the accrual amount will be incorrect for a leave and absence plan.

Category: Personnel management