There is already a report which shows the quantity of "Goods Received not Invoiced" on the Purchase side. This same report is needed on the Sales side as it is possible to Ship goods without sending the invoice.
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Thank you for reaching out.

I assume you mean report 17111 "Items Received & Not Invoiced" that is available in AU/NZ localizations.


In the world-wide version we also have you following fields on list of purchase and sales orders:

page 9307 "Purchase Order List"
* Amount Received Not Invoiced excl. VAT (LCY)

* Amount Received Not Invoiced (LCY)


page 9305 "Sales Order List"
* Amt. Ship. Not Inv. (LCY) Base

* Amt. Ship. Not Inv. (LCY)


Would they address the scenario you have in mind?



Andrei Panko

PM, Microsoft



Although the column addition of 'Amount Received Not Invoiced' on the Purchase Order list view is useful, customers need to be able to post accruals against the actual G/L codes on the purchase lines. The view only gives a summary of the receipted value as a whole A detailed 'Goods Received Not Invoiced' report is crucial for managing accruals.

Category: Inventory