The consultant may be spent 1 day or 1 week to confirm his idea implemented or not.

I can see here many ideas under review from 1 year without a response from Microsoft team.

so I to suggest SLA for Every step and acknowledged for idea owner and others.

Also, Based on which criteria (idea accepted or not), I can see
most of the people voted up for an idea, but no action like this

*** yes, I know Microsoft is the owner but Customers invest in the application with Microsoft also.

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I am also wondering how item is picked up for review. After my idea lingered with 1 vote for many months, I requested my co-workers to vote for my idea so it would get noticed. It was not. Also, one of my ideas was implemented, but is still out there in a New status. It would be nice if the originator, or a curator, could update the status to Complete to keep the list accurate.

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