Since MS Dynamics 365 for Operations there is new Info Log design available. The info log itself has a Maximum length of 1000 entries and Shows Information and Errors without the possibility to filter by Default on Errors only. Also it's not possible to Export to e. g. MS Excel and do any filtering there. (which was possible in AX 2012 and before)
Under Review



When dealing with more Infolog entries, I wish I was able to navigate from the simple list to a much larger and powerful form. It would make easier to work with multiple records and it could show extra details (e.g. timestamp of each message).
I also want:
- ability to search in messages
- infolog actions (navigation to the related form, record, field)
- export
- maybe also direct e-mail / bug report with additional details (environment name, user name, timestamp, correlation ID...) which would with debugging
And the form should be extensible, so we can add more features depending on customers' needs.

Category: System administration