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Dynamics NAV handles a lot of languages. For example, in a French version, we can chosse to see the menus in French, English or Spanish (or another language).

It will be a very good thing for having this in Business Central because all users in a French Tenant may speak another language than FRA ou ENU.

In addition :
If a button, a menu or something else is not translated showing the ENU or the FRA captionml may be managed by a setup in the company.

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Thank you for the Idea. We are aware of this issue and want to make Business Central on par with NAV.
This is being planned for the 2020 Wave 1 release.

This means the W1 part of the application will be available in the languages provided by Microsoft and can be translated to the languages provided by partners, as per this list.
Note, that local functionalities will not be translated to all languages, but will continue to be in English plus native language, where different from English.

Søren Alexandersen
Senior Program Manager - Localization



Hi Matthijs
Please see the updated details above.


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Hi Søren,

Do you have any news for us on this front? In addition to being able to navigate BC in languages other than the localization or English, not having to translate documents into those languages (for which translations already exist in their respective localizations) would be awesome.

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