When we have a Main account with a fixed dimension value and follow the steps:

1) Create a purchase order.
2) Post the invoice with defined dimension values (using the main account with fixed dimension value)
3) Create a payment journal with same dimension values as the invoice.
4) Post the payment journal.

When we check the payment journal related vouchers, the system will create an additional voucher with a duplicate ledger account.

This happens because even though the dimensions, after the post, are the same on the payment as in the invoice, the system doesn't checks that at the time that the post button is clicked from the Vendor payment journal because the Fixed Dimension logic is applied with delay in the code posting logic.

This makes the Vendor payment journal posting process to create the additional Settlement VENDTRANS\VOUCHER record.

When there's a duplicate voucher in the records with the same ledger account and dimension, the customer can have issues when a government auditor reviews the transactions in the system to verify the data.
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