"Group by" settings need to be saved and made part of Views so these details can be shared across users/roles.

The default Group by state should be Collapsed should when the view is shown with an option to Collapse All or Expand All.

It is time consuming to need to re-create Group by's every time you use D365 forms particularly given they're often standards that you want to save and re-use.

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Grouped columns are saved to views for forms/grids with large view selectors (i.e. forms that allow queries to be saved to views). My understanding of this idea is to extend that to any grid in the system. 




The following bug has been already reported. But the correction seems to not have been planned.


In fact, there is 2 different types of view.

In one case, saving the grouping by is enabled. (when "my view" filter is below the title of the view)

And in the other one, it doesn't work. (when "my view" filter is above the title of the view)

=> The "above" case needs to be fixed.

Regards, Maxime.

Category: User Experience