There is a scenario which would need to be considered to have it changed. Hierarchy is not taken into consideration during the calculation/approval and transfer step.
In Time and Attendance, the calculation Is performed by a team leader or supervisor. A calculation group can be set up in order to be sure that the team leader/supervisor can view information about the workers in his/her team. However, the approval step is performed by a different person, the payroll administrator, for whom an approval group can be as well created. If the payroll administrator has approved, after thorough analysis the registrations, it is not desired that the team leader/ supervisor, would be able to override the approval, by undoing the calculation.
By doing so, the team/leader, supervisor would go over the authority of the next manager in the hierarchy.
Whenever a change would need to be made in the registration, before undoing the calculation, the change would need to be prior agreed with the next level manager.
Currently this is not possible, as the system, allows the users to undo calculation.
Needs Votes