When an organization acts globally with over 100 different legal entities over the world, sometimes people are sent to work from one legal entity to another to work for. All their details, employment and positions are still on the legal entity which they are sent from. Their is no employment with the legal entity which they are sent to.

However those people are serviced by the HR department of both legal entities, so both HR officers should be able to update the record of employee A in legal entity 100.

Within the standard Talent environment I see 2 possibilities:
Grant the HR assistant of legal entity 200 access to legal entity 100. However the problem is that the HR assistant of legal entity 200 can see and can access all records from legal entity 100. That is not allowed and not acceptable.
The HR assistant should only be able to see employee A and not all other 300 employees of that legal entity. Which makes this option not feasible.
Employ the employee also (for example as a contractor) on legal entity 200. Problem here is that the HR Officer from legal entity 200 only has access to the employment data on legal entity 200. And not to the employment-, assignment and compensation data which the employee has in legal entity 100. However he should be able to see and update the employment- assignment and compensation data within legal entity 100.

So there should be a possibility in the security to mark single employees to be seen by a certain user.

This is getting more and more common withing companies and organizations.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We’re considering this functionality for a future release.

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