The cash & bank foreign currency revaluation process does not give the user any options for deciding whether to include financial dimensions in the GL voucher. This can lead to a voucher with a lot of lines, depending on how the account structures have been configured.

Even if the account structure is changed for the bank accounts, so that the dimensions are not required, the old transactions will still be there, causing balances per dimension value, so the vouchers will always have a lot of lines. This can currently only be resolved by either:

  1. Posting correcting transactions in the bank account to reverse the current financial dimension balances, and then new transactions posted so that the bank account balances are still correct. (this is a difficult & risky solution).
  2. Opening new bank account records in D365 and closing the old ones (after introducing the new account structure)

For sales & purchase ledger revaluation processes, there is a 'Dimension' parameter where one of the options is 'None'. Having a similar parameter on cash & bank revaluation would give the option of a much simpler voucher posting without having to do any workarounds.

Needs Votes