For som Companies that sells items With large variances in price (both sales and cost price) the classifications in Operations (actually from at least AX 2009) can come out verry wrong.


If a Company sells sealings that has a cost price for 0,5 euro and also sells bigger items with cost over 100 Euro, operations will not care that the sealing might be more important and has a larger sale than the more costly item. The costly item will be given higher classification than the seal.


Turnover is the customer demand and should always be important for a Company. It indicates also how important that item is for the market.

Dynamics operations should add a New classification for Turnover. 

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Cost management embed Power BI reports inserted into Cost administration and Cost analysis workspaces provides the capability of getting an Inventory turnover amongst many other metrics



Quite agree that ABC calculation is limited. There should be more power behind this function - there are many ways to calculate the ABC values and some sort of ratings system using cost, inventory turns, arbitrary points allocations and an item to item copy function (e.g. for new items that are expected to be fast moving) should allow better ABC classification.

Category: Cost Management