Ability to specify a non-active route version, which MRP could alternatively try, when scheduling on the requested date is not possible with the active route version. Speed is for some items dependent on the combination item + resource. e.g.: We fill Cans. Fill rate for flammable gas is 50% on machine 1, and 100%  on machine 2. Same can, but filled with non-flammable gas, is 100% speed on all machines. Today, production department have to switch manually to a non-active route if necessary.

 Currently you can have 1 active route version per Item, Date, Quantity. In one of our facilities, we have 2 production lines who can produce the same items. We produce aerosols, and fill them with flammable or inflammable gas. Both machines can run at 100% speed for inflammable products. For flammable products, 1 machine runs at 100% while the other can run 50%. This is a problem we can't resolve in the physical reality. This means that per kind of item, we have a prefered production line. We've set this up by pointing to exactly 1 resource on the route's resource requirement. However, sometimes we can have a series of large orders of the same item (flammable), and running producton just on the prefered line (at 100% speed) will not make it in time for the sales delivery. In those cases, the production planner now has to mannually change the resource on the production order (after firming) to the slower machine as well, to spread the load.. This is a manual action and can be time-intensive. First we thought of using a route's resource requirement, where you could work with "capabilities". This functionality can pick a resource based on capability + priority. HOWEVER: this route would assume a speed of 100% always. The alternative machine would do the trick at a slower speed, meaning a longer production run time. We can't use the efficiency% on the resource, because this would apply for all items. Suggestion: We need the possiblity to specify an alternative route version. If the current active route version will not be able to produce on time, the 'fallback' route version should be tried. This way, the job scheduler could try first with the normal active route version, and if not succesful, try with the other one. => benefits Other route version = other resource requirements (1 resource, group of resources, ...) = specific times & speeds for this resource/item combination = specific route operations & instructions
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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.


Johan Hoffmann