We are just implementing D365 Sales Professional that i thought would be a good out of the box solution.
When putting the quotes module together, I see that the Bill to and Ship to address system is unable to look up address details from accounts or contact address information.
Instead the only place you can look up an address is from a completely seperate address table, which also doesn't have the ability to look up addresses from Accounts or contacts, nor can I even find a place where you can access this address list for maintenance.
Nor can you add in the ship to or bill to addresses to Accounts/Contacts.
This is extremely disappointing.
I don't understand why there would be 3 essentially seperate address systems within the one database!
Now, perhaps I can build link between the tables, although a number of tables have restrictions on what can be added.
Can you please build a single address system?
To me, the Bill to and Ship to fields should be linked to accounts and contacts, the Address 1 system probably doesn't need to exist, and then quotes/orders tables should be able to pull in address from accounts/contacts.

Please give me some feedback about when i will see this feature, or how i can build it myself.
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