-> To provide "number of records" info for the CRM tables in the "Resources > Capacity" tab.


  • Now we only having "table size" info in the "Resources > Capacity" tab.
  • We were having a custom module's table that having 75 million records, which from the "Resource > Capacity" tab, it was showing 80GB++ table size.
  • We started doing the "Bulk Delete", and after removing 1 million records, we can see the table size reduced to 67GB.
  • We continued the "Bulk Delete", and after 3 weeks of continuous "Bulk delete", the table left 11GB, but the size static as 60GB. This triggered us the doubt on the accuracy of the database sizing info, we are being charged by "database sizing volume" per month.
  • If we have the "number of records" info available in the "Resource > Capacity", then we can calculate the size of 1 record for each table, so that we can counter check the accuracy of the "table size", and ask Microsoft team to check if there is any dispute on the table sizing,


Category: Dataverse