When an incoming inventory transaction has been posted, and the associated InventTrans record is created, it is often difficult to determine what costs went into the calculation of the total transaction cost (per unit or total).

The transaction cost could have included:
- PO line unit price
- Charge codes (e.g. inbound freight)
- Costing sheet cost of purchase calculations (e.g. handling accruals)
- Not to mention costs from a Production order

It would be super helpful to create a set of tables and inquiry forms that would give visibility to the costs that were calculated when the incoming inventory transaction was posted.

The records in these tables would break down the total InventTrans cost into its individual pieces that were calculated when it was posted.

For example, if a PO line has 3 charge code values and a costing sheet calculation, the Cost breakdown would show each piece, including its source (Charge description, Costing sheet node, etc). Cost breakdowns from a Production order could show its sources (Cost group, Cost category, etc).
Category: Cost Management
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