Dear MS Team,

Currently, a bank account without any transactions, cannot be deleted. Once any value has been entered through a means that leads to a record being created in the financial dimensions tables, it cannot be deleted.

When user creates a new Bank account/vendor/customer/Fixed asset and this record is later used in the General journal, without saving or posting – system immediately creates a new Dimension combination in related tables. Bank account/vendor/customer/asset can only be deleted if no references to any values for that dimension have been inserted into the dimensions tables. But there’s no possibility for end-user to delete anything in Dimensions related tables. So even user deletes the General journal line – there’s imprint in the Dimension tables already and deleting is not an option.

Thank you!
Category: General Ledger
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Idea is noted and under review for Wave 2 2022. 




There should be a feature to be able to delete bank accounts with no transactional history or anything. Just setting it up as inactive for use is not feasible on our end.

Please add a feature for this in the next service update by D365 F&O.

Category: General Ledger