When using personalisations to rename elements on the screen to make the system more user friendly and easier to navigate for user, the error messages returned by the system do not reflect this, and therefore leaving user confused. Here's an example (and a repro steps): 1. use personalisation to rename a mandatory field on a form - for example rename 'VAT Number' on the Supplier form to 'XYZ Number' 2. do complete refresh of the form (CTRL+F5) to ensure the personalisation sticks 3. open a random supplier record, Remove the data from the ‘XYZ Number’ field and try to save the record 4. the error message you get from the system will still mention ‘VAT number’ field, and not ‘XYZ Number’ field. This would be very confusing for users as they would not be able to find a field from the error message
Category: User Experience
Under Review