It would be very useful if BC allowed for Posted Shipments to be undone.

Sales Shipments have the same functionality (so long as the SO hasn't been invoiced yet).

A real scenario is when goods are being shipped between locations (or when they're being shipped from an overseas location), and then the receiving party realizes that not all goods were really shipped - yet, it was already systematically shipped.

BC has no room for corrections, and Transfer Orders need to be fully posted so that the "wrong quantity" can be adjusted down, or sent back.

If we could undo the shipment on a Posted Transfer Receipt, this would solve a lot of useless correctional transactions.

Category: Warehousing
2023 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer-term roadmap.

Please continue adding your valuable votes and comments to the suggestion, that it helps prioritizing and ensure the right scenarios are covered.

Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft



Thank your for the idea. This actually gets worse when using WMS; when the receiving party signals that not all goods were shipped, the company needs to receive the goods and create a transfer back to the original warehouse, in which a warehouse receipt and put-away needs to be registered just to get the items back to the original location and bin.

Category: Warehousing