Make it possible to show a percentage sign after a percentage value

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We are using many decimal calculated fields which are supposed to be percentages, but they are numbers. From the perspective of our users, we've identified an issue with how percentage columns are currently handled in Microsoft. When they export data to Excel, these columns appear as numeric values. This creates a problem because users can't easily change the format to a percentage, which is essential for accurate calculations. In our project, we rely heavily on fields that calculate percentages. Unfortunately, Dynamics 365 lacks a dedicated percentage data type. As a result, when these percentage-calculating fields are included in the views and the users are exporting the data to Excel, they face challenges in performing calculations due to Excel's inability to automatically format these values as percentages. To improve the user experience and productivity, it would be beneficial for Microsoft to consider introducing a new data type, possibly as a subtype of the Number data type, specifically designed for handling percentages. This enhancement would empower our users to work more effectively with percentage data in their Excel exports.

Category: General